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>> >> of perks for owners of a hybrid cars, one of them as : 08 >> is resolved to be a hot day and date.. also met the goal to be agreed to 3 and our mt. tam cam, her " dear son coming as. james this year >> appear swollen creek. plenty of sunshine. another warm afternoon. walnut creek is holding for nine degrees fat as
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a high temperature today. that will see a school with some care to wear to resolve goes this afternoon. " with what it called, they will be sunny and hot. whe >> it is not intense callfog lie we sometimes have. you'll have good visibility and it will be hot. but that is your fourth of july forecast. temperatures this afternoon, right now in the '50s and '60s. this afternoon we will warm up pretty quickly. by noon, mostly 80 degree weather. a thin ribbon of 60s along the coastline. by 3:00 p.m. the '90s
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will really take hold out in the east bay. the delta, a highway for a corridor, a big walnut creek, the stretch of 583 livermore and back to tracy will be hot. south of san jose near morgan hill, 90 degree weather as well. that is hallows in general and then things will cool off as we head towards 9:00 p.m.. if
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>> events is as good as a guest for the bay area commute. no
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delays through marin county. a very live right southbound on 101. public transit, no problems reported. there was a threat of a strike on the golden gate ferries and that was resolved before the first serious flaws scheduled to leave.
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>> the white sticker is good for 2015. here is a list of vehicles that can receive the white sticker. with the yellow sticker the only issue 85,000,
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with the white sticker it is unlimited. if you have a vehicle that is all electric or natural gas, you should apply. is good until to the odds of 15. -- 2015. >> upon to the california state budget. the budget battle is over. yesterday the governor signed a $36 billion in the budget package into law without tax increases. californians will see some savings. with the vehicle registration fees, they are adding a $12 additional seats, that is after it is almost cut in half. your vehicle registration is based on the value of your car. it was 1.15% of the value, it has dropped to .65 percent of the value of your car plus the additional $12. the average car owner will save
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about $125 on their vehicle registration. state sales tax drops by 1 percent today. consumers to purchase big-ticket purchases will see the biggest differences. if you purchase a new car for $25,000, you will pay to the ticket dollars less in taxes today. state income tax has dropped as well. for every $1,000 you make you will see to dollars that says more in your paycheck. >> city leaders in oakland came to a budget, concessions from employee unions made a big difference. city officials were debating on two competing proposals to close oaklands $58 million budget that. while jobs and programs will be slashed, it is not as bad as originally thought. that is because employee unions agreed on concessions that are expected to save about 23 million. both factions on the council also
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agreed to restore libraries, fire stations and a tree trimmers. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look outside as we are following weather. quite the pact friday light on the james lick freeway. light on the james lick freeway.
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>> serious credit issues --
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serious credibility issues with the maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of rape. the case is near collapse with those credibility issues. the maid has lied repeatedly since making her initial rate allegations. the defense is headed to court today seeking a reduction bail for dominique strauss-kahn. >> defense contractor lockheed martin plans to cut 1500 jobs in its airplane making business. the cuts are due to projected limits on defense spending from congress. the announcement comes two weeks after coming to all hundred jobs in its space systems equipment division. these layoffs are expected to begin in mid september. much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. here is a live look outside. we will be right back. vindictive fda his
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>> craig skalar is live in san jose hot gas prices are all delay down. -- and gas prices are on the way down. >> kind this gas station earlier this week was at $3.89. it is now down 105.
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gas was over $4 a gallon just two weeks ago. gas prices are down just in time for fourth of july weekend. >> thanks for the update. >> talking about the holiday weekend, let's find out what the weather and the rows are going to be like. james has the forecast for us. >> as gas prices go down, temperatures go up. here is look at mt. tam. patchy fog along the coast. a really isolated. not a lot of that going on.
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temperatures in the '50s and '60s. sunny and warmer this afternoon. mostly clear this evening with temperatures dropping into the 50s and 60s. that is a quick look at what we see for weather today. now, we are focusing on where it is going to go. the temperature is right now, 56 in san francisco, 65 in antioch. 55 in santa rosa and 59 in san jose. 56 early in los gatos. perhaps this afternoon temperatures will warm up a bit. here are your eyes. duncan your
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>> this is a some slowing on the
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altemont pass. you will see how light the traffic is on the bay bridge. a metering lights have not been this san mateo bridge, 13 minutes in both directions. on the golden gate bridge, the right to the bridge has no slow traffic. speeds have not dropped below 50 mi. per hour and between navato and the toll plaza. the golden gate bridge is likely travels, there are no delays. on walnut creek and a 680 commute, you can see how light things are. there is no congestion southbound headed towards alamo out of walnut creek. cameras are looking at traffic on main street, 680 southbound. >> fire fighters are confident that they have stopped the advancement of the new mexico
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firefighter. the fire in the canyon runs right pass and old radioactive waste dump site. the fire chief is saying that the area in the canyon burning had previously been the day and providing a safe area for firefighters to attack the flames. meanwhile people in the town who fled earlier in the week under a mandatory evacuation order will not be allowed back home until sunday at the earliest. in texas, to tornadoes hit two different counties. police have their hands full dealing with the aftermath. police say that a driver was heard and debris flew through her car window. the national weather service says after finishing up with texas, the twisted cross over into mexico. " in florida, severe weather to downed trees and power lines in fort lauderdale. streets were flooded, thousands of people in miami, dave and
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brower counties lost power. travelers were grounded at fort lauderdale and miami airports. you are looking at some of the damage. >> in minnesota, the government is now shut down after political leaders cannot agree on how to solve a $5 million budget deficit. hundreds took part in a rally outside of the state capitol in st. paul. among things affected, thousands of state workers were told to stay home, construction projects were shut down and state parks and zoos are padlocked. the state lottery has also shut down. everything closed over the fourth of july holiday weekend. this is the second time the state of minnesota has shut down. the last time was in 2005. 1st the nfl and now the nba has a lot out of the players' union. players and owners failed to reach a new collective bargaining agreement. owners want to reduce the player is guaranteed during the player's right now get 57
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percent of all basketball revenue. the players countered with an offer of 54.3% of the revenue. the nba says as three- quarters of all teams lost money last year. the head of the players' union says they hope to resume negotiations within the next two weeks. until then all personnel decisions including trades and signings will be put on hold as well as the nba summer league. >> we are just getting started, here is a live look outside at the james lick freeway. 7:22 a.m., we will be right back.
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>> all eyes on bay area weather . earth or we are in for an extended period of hot weather into the middle of next week. the hottest day is expected to be sunday, over 100 degrees in land. the best days for the
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beach, saturday, sunday and monday. highs at the beaches in the upper seventies, maybe near 80 in some spots. >> in the wake of san jose laying all seven police officers, the san jose police department will also be losing an assistant chief of police. a 25 year veteran diane irvin received a conditional offer from the city of hayward and according to the san jose police department, she will be chief there and begin in she will oversee department of 2200 sworn officers. >> a fatal scene your reps center shooting. we have an interview with the man's daughter. it is set store you'll see only at kron 4. it >> 55 years bernardo, ararro was
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shot and killed by police on thursday. sherrill says her father had a history of mental illness but was not a violent man. >> he was a gentle soul. he was good to me and my kids. he was a grandfather, father. i believe he was trapped in a state where he thought he was still in the military periodical >> arraro came to the senior center of around 11:30 a.m. carrying a handgun. he said he was going out on assignment. someone called police when he arrived he had already left. he was not far away. officers confronted him across the street near the post office. >> they gave numerous demands for him to put the gun down. the subject was subsequently shot. >> one officer fired his weapon is six times in one of those
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shot hit ararro in the test. those who know him say that he became unstable after his dog was stolen last month. hook >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we will let you know what is happening with fireworks. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. we will be right back. houg
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>> good morning, and thank you for tuning into the kron 4 morning news. we have new information, some day area cities are telling people to not like fireworks in their town even though it is the fourth of july, will tran is live in one of those places to fill us in. >> i am in berkeley. it is not that they are un-american, they want to make sure that everyone is safe. we are on west frontage road. piquancy signs like this
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all over. they do not want anyone lighting and fireworks. this is just fuel ready to go. it only takes one spark. hi we are going to have a wonderful weather. san francisco, fisherman's wharf, if the san jose municipal stadium, vallejo waterfront and of the marin county fair and san rafael. many places all over the bay area, you can enjoy the fourth of july. do not think about doing it in places like berkeley or oakland. they will have increased patrols. west frontage road will be shut down between 5:00 p.m. and midnight. >> in oakland, if you see anyone setting off fireworks, even a
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sparkle or, they want you to call in to give them a ticket. there is a phone number on our web site, our holiday weekend weather, and james is here with a look at what the weather will be like. >> here is a look at the james lick freeway. sunshine some of that is what we are enjoying this morning. it is going to be hot this afternoon and hot air over the weekend. here is a " breakdown of what we're seeing in san francisco. 72 is the expected highs this afternoon. it will be beautiful downtown. a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. here is a quick look at your holiday forecast for july 4th. sunday will be the hottest of the weekend with july 4th being monday. 97 saturday, up to 101 on sunday and back down to write at 97 for monday. everyone is following that trend. saturday and monday are almost identical with a spike
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on product sunday. here is where temperatures are at the hulkpeople get warmer the furtr south your head.
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>> year is a look at the 7 day forecast -- and we will have a look at the 7 day forecast coming up, but here is a look at traffic. >> we have not tracked a single hot spot or incidents 04 this morning. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see how light the traffic is. there are no metering lights. they have not even been activated. will it looks like a sunday morning or a monday morning, the fourth of july could look like this as well. on the san mateo bridge is an easy commute. fewer lanes of traffic. it looks more concentrated but it is really pretty light. there are no delays westbound or eastbound. on the golden gate bridge it is
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a problem free. there are no delays for the southbound commute across the span. an easy trip in from and through marin county. >> the california state budget battle is over as yesterday governor brown signed a $86 billion spending plan into law. the goes into effect today. it is a budget without any extension of those tax increases. that will mean extra money in the pockets of californians.
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>> starting today you'll have to pay more to travel around the bay area. the cost of a unique monthly pass goes of $2 for results and $1 for seniors, used and the disabled. yearly parking permits have also increased by $2. caltrain has added 255 to its base fare. when
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>> the oakland city council met thursday evening to debate to competing budget proposals to close a $58 million budget gap this year and a $76 million deficit the next year. while jobs and programs will be slashed it will not be as bad as originally thought. employee unions have tentatively agreed to concessions creating a savings of about $23 million. both factions of the council have agreed to restore libraries, a neighborhood service coordinators', fire stations as well as gardeners and tree trimmers. t >> there was a 4-4 tie that helped the budget passed. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a beautiful friday morning on this first day of july. another big day on wall street. the dow is up 124 points and up five other
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75 points this week so far.
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>> new developments in the casey anthony trial. the judge has called for an indefinite recess . to anthony is accused of killing her two year-old daughter back in 2008. this morning the defense and prosecution argued over were bonuses. the defense says of those witnesses are dried offer new information that they were never made aware of. prosecutors deny that. " the judge did not say when or would resume. yesterday, a spectator in the murder trial made a rude gesture towards the prosecutor the end of the judge was not amused. he said the 28 year-old to prison. >> who were you extending your finger to question marks >> mr. ashton. >> what was he doing at that
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time? >> did not know. >> i am suggesting to six days and warned county jail. i am enclosing a $400 fine along with applicable statutory court >> cloths we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> gas prices are going down.
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craig skalar is live in san jose with more. >> gas prices are down more than 205 per gallon. prices your more at $3.89 a week ago. prices dropped 105 in one day. people are saying that it is making somewhat of a difference. hefor those who bought $4 or $4.15 was too much, they will be saving money if they choose to go now. $3.75 at another gas station. like you said earlier, it is nice to see gas without the no. 4 at the start of the price. >> prices at the pumps are going down the temperatures are going up. james fletcher is here with a look at the weekend forecast.
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>> your is that you again this morning. -- here is that you again this morning. clear skies, a '50s and '60s center wise. sunny and warm. we will get up into the 90s by 3:00 p.m.. mostly clear this evening when temperatures dropping back down to the '50s and '60s. when queen will see temperatures on the rise as we head towards mid afternoon. " in this pool warmer considerably by noon. -- if we will warm considerably by noon. 90s inland. upper 60's and 70's along the coast. the upper 90s
7:48 am
in the valley. a taste of what is to come. by 9:00 p.m. temperatures will be back more into a comfortable range. your honor highs for today. -- so here are your highs for today. up to our 7 day forecast shows us where the temperatures will maxed out at. we will hold on to
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the hot temperatures into thursday. how is the right? " >> to a quiet, troubled free commune. we have not seen any hot spots or back up soon. we have not even seen a metering lights activated on the bay bridge. you're right on the
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golden gate bridge is a problem free with no delays sell balance. -- southbound. public transit, no problems. >> 13 cities in contra costa county are suing the county over its $18 million tax refund to chevron. they are saying that they are wrongfully being made to contribute to this refund. what is they claim they did not receive any of the $18 million in taxes that the county assessed on at the chevron refinery. >> let's talk about a fourth of july. smaller city budgets have
7:51 am
reduced the number of public fireworks displays on the peninsula this year. people on the coast and they still up options to get out and celebrate. here is a list of some of them. if >> here is a list of bay area cities that allow safe and fireworks. her
7:52 am
>> here are some thoughts this morning. donna says, why stop something that has been going on for so many years? the fourth of july only comes once a year. people need to be more respectful. how that people need to be cautious and not said anything on fire. here is what another viewer says. when when hooked
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>> lot more food chains and to an innate are serving alcohol to to increase food sales. working will be the opening of what our bars warmer in the. one is on the menu at some starbucks locations in seattle. >> is coming up on the kron 4 morning news, we'll take a look at the entertainment was. buzz.
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>> penis time for the entertainment was. per -- his time for the
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entertainment buzz. prince albert and his south african writer to be are set to wed at the palace in monaco in front of 800 guests. reports say that his bride had to be persuaded from boarding a one-way flight back to her homeland. >> i heard that they took her passport. [laughter] >> friends william and princess catherine will take part in canada day celebrations today. yesterday the couple visited a national war memorial. the also attended a reception for it or young canadians. they will be in california starting next week on july 8th. >> only in l.a.. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. check out the view from mt.
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and wil >> night temperatures it, but pleasant conditions. here are your current temperatures. i,, if
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fac. >> careful look at the 7 day forecast coming up. for now, traffic. >> daylight right around the bay area, we have yet to track a hot spot. so we have not seen any need ring lights activated was down on the bay bridge. an easy ride in both directions on the san mateo bridge. on the golden
8:03 am
gate bridge, a pretty ride. still a smooth ride from marin county 101 southbound. >> hybrid owners are no longer allowed to drive in the car pool lanes. the chp is already in force in the changes. >> we have not had too many violators. hopper there was one
8:04 am
driver, chp gave him just a warning. let's take a listen to his remarks. >> i wish that it would extend. i wish a lawmaker would get involved. it does not appear that will happen. it is too bad that can be extended. hot >> , there were 85,000 yellow
8:05 am
stickers issued. that means 85,000 cars are no longer want to be using the carpool lane, they will cling to the regular lanes. that will add more congested. as it is some relief. they are issuing a white sticker he and possibly a green sticker next year. we will explain later qualifies for those. >> the california budget battle is now over, yesterday governor brown signed an $86 billion spending plan into law. that is in effect today. the budget does not include an extension of higher taxes. californians will now have a few extra bucks in their pockets. here are some of the provisions.
8:06 am
>> city leaders in oakland came to an agreement on a new budgetary concessions came from union employees. but officials were debating on two competing proposal how to close at $58 million budget gap. on jobs and programs will be slashed but it is not as bad as they originally thought. unions agreed on concessions bill will save about $23 million. couples solve hot
8:07 am
>> cities are suing kop costar, a county over and $18 million tax refund to chevron. if we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. here is a live look outside at the golden gate.
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faugh direc
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>> prosecutors have agreed to release dominique strauss-kahn without bail. he is accused of sexually assaulting a new york hotel housekeeper. in the case has recently been questioned, now that there are serious credibility issues with that housekeeper. a judge must sign off before he is released. that signals that the accusations may be less serious than originally thought. >> lockheed martin is done in 1500 jobs in its airplane business due to projected limits on defense spending from congress. this comes two weeks after it cutting 1200 jobs in
8:11 am
the space systems division. these layoffs will begin in mid september. lockheed martin has a plant in mountain view. feds are investigating twitter looking for possible antitrust abuses made by the company. hot sweater is not commenting about the investigation. we will be right back with gary radnich and the world according to gary coming up after the break. here is a live look from mt. tam over the golden gate.
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>> 8:15 a.m.. it is time for the world according to gary. this morning. >> the good morning. coloprior
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>> when you are my has been idled. he really looks up to you. you like your work ethic panda the hours that you have here. t >> got to give him 10 years kirkpatrick and he can do his own thing. -- to give him 10 years in he will be doing his own thing. squavery few people n the business are good enough to get jobs together. >> we lucked out. any other couple that you know that work at a station together? >> not offhand. fo >> sometimes we have to call it quits about talking about work.
8:16 am
how >> you know how to do that. have a couple of kids. >> " mad cane. it >> seven innings. >> they played four games, the cubs won two games, they won two games. in full all the plays 16 games. they played 162 * times.
8:17 am
hon >> the giants as the defending champs i think deserve for guys. pockets hot popcorn whe >> paducah here that the dodgers a bounced checks to some employees? >> that is tough stuff. supposedly they reissued the checks. >> yes. some of their accounts were frozen because of the bankruptcy filings. these were checks to a security guard and ushers.
8:18 am
>> people think about the players and the owners, but there are a lot of other people that did not get thought about. the people who did the concessions, the owners, all those people are also out of work. >> has anyone ever given you a check that has bounced? >> i will say it this way, i have been at kron for 27 years. fix >> really quick, the nba
8:19 am
lockout is in effect. no season? >> and by most accounts of that will be no basketball until february. they want to cut costs where they could. in the nba wants to completely restructure of salary. most people live up to a level that are making.
8:20 am
football mrs. their first check in august, basketball the end of october. then, you will find out how tough it is. >> i am new here at kron 4. any words of wisdom? >> mind your own business, show up for everything and always be in a decent mood. if you are in a bad mood and complaining, no one cares. >> words to live by. gary, a pleasure to speak with you. have a good morning and enjoy your fourth of july.
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>> we will take a break. take care. we will be right back.
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>> thousands of people hitting the road this fourth of july weekend. gas prices are always held. craig skalar is live in san jose with more. >> here is an example, $3.79 a gallon. down quite a bit from a few weeks ago. this dropped a dime a gallon in about a week. people i have spoken to say it is good that prices are lower. if they want to go somewhere, they can do it at this point.
8:25 am
>> this makes it easier. maybe we can go to a restaurant as well. >> i would take advantage and go somewhere, if i have somewhere to go. >> like i said, this price was $3.80 a gallon just five days ago. people who were reluctant to go as far as the grand canyon or moderate can save $100. >> coming up after the break we will talk about the holiday weekend forecast. here is a live look outside. things are looking nice. it is finally friday. we will be right back.
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>> it is 8:27 a.m. on friday. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. people are starting their holiday weekend
8:28 am
plans. good weather for barbecuing? >> fantastic weather for barbecuing. here is a look at the they bridge toll plaza. oakland is going to enjoy a nice day. sunshine, the east bay hills on the other side in for the san ramon valley. that is a view from the oakland side of the bay bridge. your fourth of july holiday forecast is looking pretty good. sunshine straight across the board. it is going to be sunny and hot, particularly on sunday. triple digits and land. if you have any plans outdoor, be careful on sunday, it will be dangerously hot. it looks like the actual fourth of july, temperatures will mirror what we have on saturday.
8:29 am
>> the san ramon valley will be worn. upper 80s and 90s.
8:30 am
>> traffic looks great. an easy ride, no hot spots. there was a minor incident on the lower deck. it is not creating much in the way of a delay. we will start with a bridge check on the westbound bay bridge. we have had once called the meeting allies have yet to be activated. a smooth and easy ride. the approaches are completely clear. on the golden gate bridge, a problem free ride through marin county. there are no delays for 101 southbound.,
8:31 am
lower deck of the bay bridge there was a problem reported earlier when a trucker was reported striking some overhead wires. they had closed off the right lane. then, they closed off another lane on the lower deck. there is about a thirty second delayed on the eastbound right. slow traffic on the center a bridge out to the eyelids. they have cruz on seen already working to repair of the wire that has been damaged. >> another story affecting traffic, those yellow stickers issued to some 80,000 hybrid owners across the state that allow them to drive in the carpool lane have expired as of today. now, there is a new sticker program in place. yoli eceves has more. >> the yellow stickers were last
8:32 am
year. it is all about the white sticker. the white star for cars that are certified with the zero commissions. 100% electrical, hydrogen fuel or compressed natural gas. we have a list of the vehicles that qualify for this white sticker. this is a list for 2011. >> those are the cars that can apply for the white sticker. that is going to be good until january 1, 2015. there is an unlimited supply of these stickers. with the yellow sticker the only issue 85,000. this one is on limited. if you have any of those cars, you can get one of those stickers and
8:33 am
use the carpool lane during carpool hours without worrying. you can drive by yourself and go through there. another sticker to look out for is a green sticker. that will be issued next year in january 2012. those are for a partial remissions. the only car that qualifies for that right now are the new toyota prince plug ins. >> and a lot of people are wondering why the chevy volt is not on that list. >> believe it or not, they let out more emissions than 3 yes. they 10 emissions for the white sticker. >> the california budget battle
8:34 am
is over. jerry brown cited an $86 billion spending plan into law. here are some of the key provisions of that budget package. >> starting today, you will pay
8:35 am
more to travel around the bay area. the san francisco municipal transportation agency has increased fees. when >> late last night, hours before the midnight deadline, officials and oakland pass a budget. concessions from employee unions made a big difference. dan kerman has all the details. >> the city council met thursday to debate to competing budget proposals to close a $58 million budget gap this year and a $76
8:36 am
million deficit next year. while jobs and programs will be slashed, it will not be as bad as originally thought because employee unions have tentatively agreed to concessions created the savings of about $23 million. both factions of the council have agreed to restore a libraries, a neighborhood service coordinators, fire stations as well as gardeners and tree trimmers. >> that was dan kerman reporting. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. a beautiful day outside. we will be right back.
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>> firefighters are confident that they stopped the advancement of a fire in new mexico is threatening the birthplace of the atomic bomb.
8:40 am
the blaze in the walls almost canyon's runs past in all the radioactive waste dump site. the fire chief says the area in the canyon that is burning had previously been thinned which is providing a safe area for fire fighters to >> a tornado touched down and texas and then crossed over into new mexico. authorities are dealing with the aftermath. in florida, severe weather tick down trees and power lines. streets were flooded and trees were down. thousands of people across miami, david n. brower counties lost power. the storms
8:41 am
grounded travelers and fort lauderdale and miami. >> in minnesota, the government has shut down after political leaders cannot agree on how to solve a $5 million budget deficit. hundreds of people took part in a rally outside of st. paul yesterday. among the things affected, construction projects. they paddled state parks and kicked out campers. zoos are closed and the state lottery should down. thousands of state workers are now laid off. they do not know when they will return to work. this is the second time this date has shutdown in the last six years. >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a quick break and then we will be right back. first, a live look around the mt. tam cam. it is friday and feels good. the weekend is here.
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will tran is live in berkeley where fireworks are banned this year. >> and there are signs of all over so that people do not even think about lighting up fireworks. there are plenty of places all over the bay area where it is safe and sound. more spectacular than doing it yourself.
8:46 am
>> you can see how dry the grasses around here. they are not taking any chances. there is already a sign on west frontage road and that says the road will be closed between 5:00 p.m. and midnight on fourth of july. >> smaller city budgets are reducing the number of public fireworks displays on the peninsula. there are still a few options. >> fireworks officials are encouraging bay area residents
8:47 am
to allows saved fireworks this weekend and to follow safety tips and pay attention to state regulations. local fire departments will be working with law enforcement agencies to make sure the fireworks are up to code and not taken outside jurisdictions where there are legal. here is a list of some of the bay area cities that allow a safe fireworks. >> that has been a topic on our facebook page, the ban on fire witfireworks. here are some comments from the viewers.
8:48 am
>> if you like to add to the discussion, go to our facebook fan page. i will be reading a lot of comments on the air. >> and updates on that very hot weather forecast for the fourth of july weekend. >> here is a view from the roof camera. a beautiful blue sky above. this afternoon will be sunny and warm. inland getting into the '90s. mostly clear and temperatures dropping back down to the '50s and '60s. a really nice, mild today. it is going to get downright hot as we head into the weekend, particularly on sunday. as for the forecast right now, take a quick look at temperatures. we are slowly warming. here are your current address. -- here are your
8:49 am
current temperatures. by 3:00 p.m., here are your highs. >> here is your 7 day forecast.
8:50 am
as we look for the fourth of july holiday, temperatures will spike on sunday. above 100 in land and back down from monday the fourth. the fog will be on your side. pretty good visibility. we will hold on to those hot temperatures as we head back into the work week. it will be hot anyway you look at it. what is the ride looking like? >> i am loving the bay bridge this morning. light traffic all around the bay area, especially on the bay bridge. on the lower deck there is a problem. a dangling wire. they have closed off the two right lanes before the island on the lower deck. slow traffic across a lower deck out to to the island. here at the toll plaza, the metering lights are not active and have not been turned on all morning. look at how light the traffic is heading into the bay bridge from macarthur maze, the nimitz, the
8:51 am
east shore freeway, it is an easy ride. remember, if you drive a hybrid vehicle and you were used to using a yellow sticker to get through the toll free lanes at the toll plaza or the carpool lanes on interstate 80, they are out this morning ticketing people because those stickers are no longer valid. keep that in mind. continuing our bridge check out to the san mateo bridge, a light and easy ride. on the golden gate, 101 southbound, a problem free. a light and easy ride. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. on wall street, the dow jones industrial average up 120 points, up over 550. this week. we will be right back.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> san francisco is the greatest city in north america. >> san francisco rains green when put to the test against 27 other u.s. and canadian cities. new york, seattle, denver and boston rounding out the top five. mandated composting and a plastic bag man. researchers compared cities across the nine categories of sustainability. carbon emissions, energy, land use, water, environmental policy and when it comes to buildings, the study praised san francisco's energy-efficient building standards. high marks for transportation. this city
8:56 am
earned high marks for waste due to the mandatory compos in recycling and props for air quality. they found all low levels of pollution in san francisco. >> san francisco rose to the top of the list because of strong showings across the board. the city is a green is because people from san francisco are willing to go the difference for sustainability. >> because san francisco is green does not mean it is clean. stanley roberts is digging up the dirty details in this morning's edition of people behaving badly. >> in san francisco, apparently we recycle everything. that is probably why it is called the greatest city in the nation. " for a city that is supposed to be so great, why on earth is it so dirty? get this, most of the stuff is recyclable. for instance, this mattress, this
8:57 am
mattress and this one could be recycled, instead it is dumped on the street.-this is a not so full-scale cut out of the transamerica building could have also been recycled. how can san francisco be the greatest when we still believe will containers full of oil wherever we please? at least we are composting. this is not an approved containers. an outdoor toilet. couches are left on the side of the hill. i can see we are definitely cutting emissions but at least for this car or what is left for it, but who knows, maybe the missing parts were recycled. for everyone who has gotten into recycling, i applaud you. for others, you have a long way to go. for the record, the city would be greener if some people would stop trashing the streets which begs the question, in san francisco is the greenest, just how dirty were the other
8:58 am
cities? in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> if you know anyone who is behaving badly, you can reach out to stanley at and a 1-year price guarantee. select services it's the fastest internet for the price. no home phone service required. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire national at&t wi-fi hot spot network for no extra charge. so call today to get high speed internet
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9:01 am
triple digits this weekend seven degrees more in napa valley. we're closing in on 70 in napa renowned 62 livermore 58 degrees in san francisco. we will stay in the mid to upper a a mixture
9:02 am
of '70s and '80s pretty pleasant conditions 93 in antioch south bank we will stay in the '70s. it could have 92 in morgan hill. this your seven day forecast and we watched those numbers spike by sunday will be the warmest day of the three day weekend. monday will be warm pilaf a little bit around the bay >> we can interest in we
9:03 am
continued to see no hot spots no delays send no metering lights lower deck of the bay bridge there are delays the two right lanes were conned off they needed to reach facets some wires that had broken loose from the upper deck. if you're an heading up across the lower deck the two right lanes are shut down pat. and the san mateo bridge should ride no problems there and the golden gate bridgeporbridge no
9:04 am
delays. >> another story we're following today of remember those yellow stickers 80,000 hybrid owners that could drive in the carpool lane they are now expired as of today and now it's on to the light stickers for the hybrid vehicles pierre in >> morning the yellow stickers that expired we did catch up with one person person driving by themselves through the car toll lane and they had the
9:05 am
yellow stickers we caught up with them and this is video with chp. we pulled a lot of design and we asked them why they had gone through. evidently he received a letter a month ago debt and said that it was valid after july 1st chp stand their instructions were last day was yesterday. it is up to the officer if they will give you a tip cannot in this case is still morning it is up to the officer's discretion anybody then as
9:06 am
the yellow stickers you better play it safe in don't do it. we'll be talking about a white sticker that cars can use in the carpool lane will talk about that next half-hour. >> the white stickers let you drive so low in the carpool lane. >> the california budget is now it does not include an extension of the higher taxes now california's will have extra bucks in the pocket with the registration fees have gone down to the old level. godown the 6.5%
9:07 am
with an additional $12 charge arid state sells tax drops one full percentage point and that will help you if you're buying big ticket items it'll cost you to honor $50 less than it did yesterday. hours before the deadline oakland came to a of an agreement on their city officials were debating on two proposals jobs and programs will be slashed but not as drastic as originally thought employees had agreed on concessions both sides agreed to restore libraries
9:08 am
fire stations. dominique strauss-kahn was released this coming out of new york city. we will be right back
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
the dollar finishing on a tear the dow was up six center point for the week it is now 12,00538 with.. will see the completion of the u.s. withdrawal and i rack there in and a big
9:12 am
store we're following of n.y. i am half dominique strauss-kahn has been released and is out of jail. this is pictures of him leaving court today he had been accused of sexually assaulting a housekeeper there are credibility issues concerning the maid. they are reporting that the case is on the verge of collapse the maid has wrought lied repeatedly to put police. he is out of house arrest he has stepped return back to court. his passport has not been returned him so he cannot leave the united states.
9:13 am
a live look at the drop in gasoline prices when we return.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
it's nice to see this reason said of the force on gas prices >> many others were well above 4 it has dropped 105 more in just days we will story is a paper will gassing up to get ready to go on trips they said they will be willing to go further than they were before because of lower gas prices >> this makes italy nobody's here
9:17 am
>> out take advantage of the gas prices and go somewhere a lot of people do have some place to go and are well on their way it is a welcome sight arid some people may be still staying home. but you will be able to enjoy the road with peace of mind if you want to. >> oil is trading $94 a barrel. and looks like a nice weather forecasts for the beaches we have more on the weather. >> the first the way of we have seen this summer this is your july 4th fourth forecast blue skies lots of sunshine going into the weekend we're talking upper 90s as you head into the
9:18 am
weekend we cannot actually see of this century mark on sunday. for the july we will cool down at a little temperatures in the mid-90s. by noontime today we will work into the 80s arid this is the look of your afternoon highs. we could warm up to 93 degrees in fairfield downtown san francisco warming up to 72
9:19 am
arid 82 for castro valley. 79 for monachism. don't be thrown off guard it is gonna be hot the beach and the coast is the place to be burie. >> we've had a very light traffic morning no hot spots and lower on volume on
9:20 am
the road we've had no metering lights all morning long this is a commute we might see on monday enjoy it if you're heading to the bridge if you're heading to the san mateo bridge no problems in either direction. and the golden gate bridge and 101 southbound " trouble-free all morning long no delays through marin coming delays on all lower deck heading towards the east bay there was a wire hanging down it hit a couple of big rigs and so they corn off the two right lanes and a broad and electricians to fix those
9:21 am
wires. >> another setback for bryan stowe his fever spite and refuse to do the procedure or replacing the stand. he was attacked outside of dodger stadium on opening day there is still good news he is moving his hands there in crews are trying to remove a tour bus that conflict in texas will have more only return
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
the fog may stay away in we may have thought she fog monday night on national stories we're following in north carolina they are trying to find out the cause of this massive fire three buildings caught on fire hopper several cars were burned out no one heard porch of fires have caused a number of homes to go up in flames they think it is a a zero arsonist cone. new video coming out a taxes as crews are trying to write a tour bus police in san marcos said the driver over corrected and that's
9:26 am
what made it bus. florida and the judge called an indefinite recess. in the casey anthony murder trial the defense said of the witnesses making new information and the prosecution was a little we're of this witness. >> this from berkeley zero tolerance for fireworks. will have more on as well we return
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
beautiful day in san francisco and an idea of how hot it is going to get this weekend temperatures are warm enougup. >> lot the blue skies out there and sunshine in we will continue to be warm throughout the afternoon impact and that heat wave is on for the july 4th weekend. this is a look of what temperatures are going to be later on today hot temperatures are slowly starting to warm up 7376 antioch we're filing in the
9:30 am
'60s in downtown san the skull 65 in santa rosa as we head into the afternoon we're bringing those highs up into the 80s and possibly nine days 64 and ocean beach about 72 duryea's in san francisco opera '70s through oakland. south bay upper seven days 88 in campbell. and this is a look of your seven day forecast and we will continue to keep those temperatures up triple digits and by sunday we will certainly fill hot. how good
9:31 am
weekend for the beach. >> looking at a great ride around bay we have had no hot spots to contend with starting at the bay bridge no metering lights know backups or delays the same is true for the san mateo bridge a quick look here the commute is over in the west bound direction and the golden gate bridge still easy coming in from marin county all morning logperch >> new this morning some bay area cities will allow for our workers and other one's have no tolerance for them at all. in berkeley word of fireworks are banned >> need to check out design
9:32 am
it right behind me her zero tolerance for fireworks because it is so dry out there a used allow fireworks here not any more once part in it would go up that is why the plan on shutting down of the west of frontage road until midnight check out your screen you can go other places to watch fireworks. there is always a chance to see fireworks san francisco's pier 39 san jose municipal stadium vallejo waterfront and san raphael,
9:33 am
but marin county fair wall all have spectacular fireworks breed is sa >> other stories we're following the yellow stickers the hybrid stickers are hybrid cars have good news for solo drive it was zero emission available they're eligible to get white stickers. the yellow stickers there were only 80,000 issued and with the white sox dickered they are on limited. this list
9:34 am
of 2011 vehicles that are eligible for the white stickers so far 10,000 have been issued that means you can ride in a car pulling. the chevy ball is often less which is a big surprise. other sources for following the california budget he signed of the budget into affect and the changes for you it did not include that that tax extensions we're all see our card registration dropped considerably they used to be 1.15% and now it is down to a 0.65% for an average
9:35 am
car owner in california you will see a registration drop of water and $25 per year the sales tax dropped 1% annual pay $250 less in taxes on a high ticket item. you'll have to pay more to travel all around the bay muni has increased their what prices the muni monthly pass the buck was up $2 a month and cable car fares up to $6 going up another dollar today and party permits have spiked by $2 caltrain is adding 255 to their buses and ferries.
9:36 am
and the special events o ferry goes till $8.75 to at&t park. something you cannot say on television especially when you're talking about the president will have more only comeback honey, we've got tickets to the game,
9:37 am
so we're going to need a sitter on saturday night. i almost forgot. we're having dinner together on friday for dad's 65th birthday. maybe i'll ask my parents to baby sit. are you sure you want to go there? you're right. ♪ born to be wild ♪ born to be wild [screaming] who's going to watch them? for you, baby sitting is just a figure of speech.
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9:39 am
there are certain words you cannot say on television when you direct them towards the president of the indicted stake we have more in the story >> there as hasn't a guy and it you did call dick since he was in the oval office and that was richard nixon.
9:40 am
are we on a 7 second leg of one characterize what i think the president yesterday. >> what are you going you can't do that >> there was a much of the delay with the apology there this was a key catalyst political analyst and we as all of our view is city of called a network you cannot say that about any president of any party. >> they were joking about
9:41 am
the delay bound. after that to delay buttons word establish one for this video and they were testing the bonds and the new executive producer manny the control. >> if you rally was see a guy check a guy with buttons he is trying to cut off and of scene print color beware. >> remember the old days of john stuart was able to use the deal that word. . mark
9:42 am
helprin apologized years ago. now he is use the d word as well. ginnie muzzy cnn new york >> will check bay area weather and traffic when return stowe temperatures are starting to warm-up
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
time now live 40 5:00 a.m. and you're looking at the sunshine and it is going to be a lot we could be talking
9:46 am
about upper 90s and the inland spots sunday is expected to be armadas de we are still keeping those temperatures talks upper seven days overall it is gonna be a toasty weekend. we're analyst 60s in san francisco. by noontime all this torn shows up the '80s watch the red at the not ready is '90s and we will be climbing all weekend back down to the '60s and '70s for overnight. 74 for mill valley along the peninsula will break into the '70s
9:47 am
today. these bay will stay in the '70s warming to the '80s. 93 expected for antioch there in temperatures in the south bay '70s and '80s and that look at the 7 day forecast at there be a big spike on sunday, monday will be a hot as well certainly beach weather for the weekend is going to stay dry of u.s. about our plans. >> we are still looking at an easy ride around the bay area we have not seen i is simple hotspot are delay
9:48 am
except a lower deck of the bay bridge. there was emergency workers being done to restore some overhead wires that had fallen down during the morning commute at the toll plaza west bound metering lights have not been all activated and no delays san mateo bridge good commute light traffic now and the golden gate bridge in the problem free ride all morning long and so has the commute through marin county. >> every friday we're joined by our legal expert and a breaking news story. we have video of and dominic strauss-kahn being released it turns out now the prosecution said there are credibility issues with a housekeeper and that
9:49 am
reported she was raped did also said that she might have international implications. . >> as someone who was a lot were firmer bay area women with raping there was an issue of false accusation there are no medical records it is basically her word against his word and it is always a of a problem with powerful man. a lot of these victims are never heard on the other hand but this was a man the was running for a political office in france and he could be taken down by false accusation a is basically her word against his word she lied on her application to come into the eyes states all their evidence is
9:50 am
semen on her apron. that is why her credibility is in dispute. i think this case will be eventually thrown out burn they still have his passport so he cannot leave the and i stay. >> i think maybe foresta are an expert could put him in prison for years if he was convicted >> howdy protect the person making accusations? >> that's why the prosecution has an abortion job here they need to know what charges to put into affect it will be their decision whether to prosecute this case are not
9:51 am
that is what is going on right now they may slowly back away then you make your alter the decision decoded trial are not this will be a high-profile trial it may lead to nothing can we win this case you get the call from the delays you say it's right you interview people you make an arrest that is what normally happens carrie. sometimes cases to fall apart and sometimes they do get stronger in this case a looks like it is falling apart >> well the accusers past be brought into question? >> look at the kobe bryant case it was strong that you write this woman and prosecution to one to take the chance and did not move
9:52 am
forward. if you're lying about one thing you could be lying about another thing perry now in this case that a woman lied at this woman lied about a previous rate that is very damning evidence that is something that the jury could list to and say this is ridiculous i am sure that this case will go alway. >> a case with international implications wiping defer much for coming. we'll be right back when a kron 4 morning news continues.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
smaller city bus and have cut down on the parses plant. you still up options
9:56 am
to celebrate this weekend. in half moon bay even watch the fireworks at the beach about pillar point harbor at 9:00 p.m. and if you want a catchy far worse before monday east palo alto is going-of fire were said cesar chavez said care may 930 to marron depicted. and follow safety tips and state regulations. therein this is a list of some of that this city's day you can use fire
9:57 am
works. couple big story we're following wall street we've had quite rate for the dow jones industrial it started all 11,00939 we are now at 12,00540 and bay area weather as temperatures continued to rise it'll be 93 degrees in land nice and around the coast in the '60s and hot in land sunday and monday may have hundred degrees on sunday we'll see the fog return late monday and don't forget the fire trucks on the the night of
9:58 am
july 4th. and don't forget dr.phil is coming ups next.
9:59 am

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